I started going to yoga classes over 10 years ago and chose the yoga with Sue by chance. What I've come to appreciate over time is the gentle way it uplifts you and teaches you how to lead a better life. Sue supported by her many years of teaching  Yoga, seems to know intuitively what I need from each class. My day to day life and relationships with family and friends have been enriched from the lasting influence of this wonderful practice.


In 2001 my wife Shirley, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, in 2007 she was admitted to a nursing home. Owing to my ill health, leg operations for blocked arteries, a staph infection and a further operation for gangrene, I was depressed and no longer able to assist her. Seeking relief I then commenced to attend a yoga class led by Sue Brittain. Under her direction I began to embrace the practice. I accepted the fact that my present physical health is due to ageing and former life style, but there has been some relief. My mind is now at peace and I look forward to each day. I visit my wife 6 days each week, she greets me with a smile. Saturday; I practice “Mindfulness” I discourage visitors and other interruptions to experience the ‘Best day of the week’. Thank you, Sue.

Murdo, 82 years of age.

After spending 15 years trying various styles of Yoga, I knew I had found what I had been looking for when I attended a Yoga Class with Sue and experienced Yoga Nidra. Amazing - and that was the turning point in my life. Sue's classes and her gentle and supportive teaching style encouraged me to continue to incorporate yoga into my life. As a result I am now studying Yoga and hope to be a teacher soon. I am so grateful that I have yoga in my life as it has transformed me in so many ways. Om.

Alison 51yrs

Yoga has had such a positive influence on my life. I just love the way it is such a gentle yet incredibly powerful tool. Like a dripping tap, little by little yoga fills your life with positive things and before you know, you are overflowing....... thus enabling you to share these positives and help others. Whether you might have a health problem, a cluttered mind or any imbalance in your life....yoga will help.

What's especially wonderful about my yoga class is my teacher Sue. A very special lady, with a beautiful voice, Sue will guide you not only in the practical areas of yoga....but also in life.......planting little seeds......which grow and help you see and cope with life in more positve ways.


I find the classes well organised, Sue explaining at the start what she will cover in the session. Likewise, she outlines at the start of the course what she is planning to cover & then goes through the plan comprehensively and at a gentle pace. The classes are non competitive, friendly & very very relaxing. Benefits of attending are the relaxation of the actual class & also the techniques to help relax during practices. Also after a class I feel more energised & calmer than before.

Aidan 50

During my illness and treatment (cancer) I found I couldn't do my art work - I had no concentration. When I got better I committed to an exhibition and then found I had a block. A couple of months ago I started to paint regularly again. I feel strongly that Sue's Yoga class caused this.

In addition almost every day I used Sue's tape throughout working on my exhibition. After lunch especially I found my concentration as well as my energy dropping and meditation renewed and refreshed me. So my appreciation hasn't diminished at all.