Living Ayurveda – Nurture and Nourish yourself with an introduction to Ayurvedic lifestyle & nutrition with Girishaa, an experienced Ayurvedic practitioner and Yoga teacher.

We had to cancel this workshop due to Lock Down restrictions but we hope to run this again another time.

* Learn practical Ayurvedic and Yogic wisdom and tools you can take home for yourself
and to share with those you love.
* Receive a WellBeing Kit (valued at $45) to support establishing your own Yoga and Ayurvedic dailywell-being routine back home and a workbook to provide ongoing
support when you return home.

* Experience Ayurveda’s approach to cooking and eating with some time in the kitchen making Ghee, Chai and a delicious vegetarian lunch. Dairy & gluten free needs
catered for.
* Finish the day with Yoga Nidra

Places Limited and Early Bird Special before 16th July.


Our health and well-being start and finish with our hormonal balance, and the key to our hormonal balance rests in our diet and lifestyle, how we nurture and nourish ourselves.
But life is busy, getting things done feels good and we don’t want to miss out on anything. As rushing and being busy becomes a way of life looking after ourselves with good food and lifestyle choices tends to fall by the wayside.
The first signs of imbalance are little things like feeling tired, not sleeping as well, and
needing that coffee, wine or chocolate to feel better…to get through the morning…the day…the evening. There is no time or energy to make better choices because, let’s face it, life is all consuming.
We’re barely coping as it is, so adding anything else to the mix will feel like the straw that breaks the camel’s back.
As this continues and takes its toll, bigger cracks in our health and well-being begin to show up…
* It’s harder to go to or stay asleep,
* We’re on the lounge at the end of the day exhausted with takeaway and a wine…or
* Food sensitivities begin to creep in, feeling bloated and heavy after eating, or the
bowels not working as well as they used to.
* Our skin looks and feels dull.
*  We feel upset or anxious or about things that never used to matter.
*  There’s no energy or vitality.
This workshop is a conscious step to help break this cycle.
A chance to step out of the busyness and pause, an opportunity to reflect on how you want to feel, and to reconnect with the inner wisdom that guides good choices.