Residential Retreats

Sue regularly takes groups of students for weekend retreats and courses at Mangrove Mountain Yoga Centre near the Central Coast NSW. Going as a group we get the opportunity to go for a significantly discounted price and car pool for the journey. Its a great opportunity to have a weekend away and take time out of our busy lives. Its an ideal way for those who haven't been to Mangrove Yoga Centre  before to come with the group.

Recent  Yoga Retreats Sue has taken groups to at Mangrove Yoga Centre 

Yoga Relax Retreats November 2017 and April 2018

February 2016

Revealing the Virtues Within the Chakras facilitated by Sue and Padmini Pai was really successful with 25 participants. A group of 16 went up from Wollongong.

Sue takes groups each year to the Yoga Relax Retreat she teaches.

May 2014
There were 3 options of courses to choose from:  Yoga Relax, Change Your Conversation Change Your Life and Farm Project


Over the January long weekend 2013 and 2014 Sue organised a group to go to Mangrove Mountian ashram for an inpsiring and thought provoking  Forest Dwellers Course.

In July 2013 Sue took a group of 17 women up to Mangrove Mountain ashram for a Women with Spirit weekend.

If you'd like Sue to let you know when she's taking the next group email her and she'll keep in touch.