Yoga Options for Term 3

With restrictions on face to face classes easing now and Bulli Community Centre re-opening in July we've decided to offer a few small live classes for Levels 1 and 2 Term 3. Only 1 place now left in the Level 1 class on Monday at 5.30pm. Numbers will be limited to only 8 for these classes due to the 4 square metre space required per student. All consideration will be given to ensuring the safety of students coming to live classes. (See below for how we are caring for your safety).

Classes for all 3 levels will also be available in Audio format. Once enrolled the Audio link will be emailed to you each week for your class. You can then do the class at a time that's convenient for you and as many times a week as you like and you don't have to go out in the cold during these winter months!

Orietta Worthington will be teaching all the level 1 classes. Sue Brittain will be teaching all the Level 2 and 3 classes and the Mindfulness Meditation Course.
Jen Wood won't be able to join the team this term as she'll be very busy having a baby. We wish her all the best for a safe delivery and we look forward to enjoying her teaching with us again when she is ready.
Book yourself in now for your choice of  Yoga Classes

The Mindfulness Meditation Course Online for this term is now full.

Bulli Community Centre and the Yoga Room Prepared for Your Safety

The Community Centre has had a risk assessment by Wollongong City Council and has posted signage throughout the Centre for the safety of users

The Centre is taking the safety of all the users of the space seriously and is having the Centre regularly cleaned according to Health guidelines for Covid control

We’ll be taking the following steps to ensure your safe return to live yoga classes

- Hand sanitiser provided for use before and after class

- Signs in bathrooms regarding had washing etiquette

- Bathrooms stocked with plenty of liquid soap and paper hand towels

- All regularly used surfaces eg door handles will be cleaned after each class

- Classes will be limited to comply with the 4 square metre space requirement per student

- Removing any yoga props

- All students to bring their own mats, blanket, cushion, stool etc

- An email will be sent prior to classes resuming reminding students to remain home if unwell

- A notice will be posted on the door of the Yoga room requesting students not to enter if unwell

- Entry only by back door of the Centre

- Exit only by front door of the Centre

- No gathering in the lounge or on stairwells. Wait outside or in car till 5 mins before class or previous class exits

- All students will be reminded students of cough and sneeze etiquette

- All students to bring their own mats, blanket, cushion, stool etc

We encourage everyone to look out for each other and be understanding and kind

We are running small live classes with the understanding that if either of us teachers are unwell we won’t teach. If Orietta is unwell Sue may be able to take Level 1 classes and if that’s not possible students can do the class by Audio format emailed to them.

We’ll reserve the right to cancel classes if the situation regarding Covid and restrictions changes in NSW or Wollongong. Students can do the class by Audio format emailed to them until we are able to resume live classes again.