Yoga for Everybody

Regular classes for 2021 will resume from Monday 1st February.  Until Covid restrictions ease we're offering small live classes of only 8 students for Levels 1, 2 and 3.  Classes for levels 2 and 3 will also available in Audio format. 

Yoga classes taught in the Illawarra NSW. Day and evening classes for all levels, beginners to advanced, are held regularly at Bulli.

This is 'Yoga for Everybody' including all ages, all body shapes and sizes, all levels of health, fitness, mobility and yoga experience.

The owner of this business, Sue Brittain is a fully accredited Yoga Teacher with a 3 year Diploma of Yoga Teaching. In 2019 she completed the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training Course at the Gawler Foundation.

Jen Wood and Orietta Worthington are also teaching classes with Yoga for Everybody

Yoga Wollongong

The Yoga taught is a systematic approach that incorporates awareness of all aspects of one's being, using postures to stretch, tone and relax the physical body, breathing practices to balance the energy in the body, meditation to calm and focus the mind and deep relaxation to reduce stress, promote healing and create a sense of well-being.

Practices are taught systematically and safely with an emphasis on developing self awareness.

From 2019 Sue will be offering 7 week Mindfulness Meditation Courses.

About Sue

Sue Brittain has completed the 3 year Diploma of Yoga Teaching and is accredited and affiliated with Mangrove Yoga  Centre and has been teaching yoga at Bulli since 2000. Initially teaching one class Sue now regularly offers 7 different day and evening classes for all levels from Beginners to Advanced. As her business name suggests this is 'Yoga for Everybody' including all ages, all body shapes and sizes, all levels of health, fitness, mobility and yoga experience.

As well as running regular classes Sue has taught yoga for clients and staff of community & government organisations. Since 2000 she has also taught yoga to groups with specialised needs and health issues including: seniors, arthritis, anxiety and depression, culturally and linguistically diverse communities, survivors of sexual abuse, Vietnam Veterans and their partners, problem gamblers, domestic violence victims, deaf and hearing impaired.

For 15 years she regularly taught at Mangrove Yoga Centre co-ordinating Yoga Relax Weekends and Meditation Weekends and assisting in the Yoga Studies Diploma and Yoga Teacher Training.

Prior to yoga teaching Sue trained as a Social Worker and worked for over 20 years as a community worker in the Illawarra and SW Sydney with a diverse range of groups & communities. She also completed a Dip Ed in Adult Education and taught in the Community Welfare section at TAFE.

In 2019 Sue completed the Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation teacher trianing with the Gawler Foundation in Victoria. She offered her first Mindfulness Meditation Course in 2019.