September & October Kirtans

Friday 13th September and 11th October at 7pm. As our kirtans have become so popular we are going to hold the next 2 kirtans at Bulli Community Centre, 328 Princes Hwy Bulli so we have more space. Bring a plate to share for supper after kirtan. Everyone is welcome and there's no cost.



The singing of mantras with melody and rhythm. Kirtan  is a practice of the heart and an opportunity to switch of the head. It is an aspect of the branches of yoga known as Nada Yoga, the yoga of sound and vibration and Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion. (This does not mean that one has to be a devotional type to benefit from kirtan, just as one does not have to be an athlete to benefit from the asanas.)


Singing kirtan does not require a good voice, devotion or a musical nature. What matters is that you chant from the heart and listen to the words of the kirtan and repeat them after the kirtanist. Let go of the intellect, let go of any musical preconceptions, let go of shoulds and what does it mean.


One person at a time will lead a kirtan singing a few lines and then the rest of the group repeats the words. Various musical instruments are used such as the harmonium, drums and percussion. The kirtan usually starts slowly, builds up the pace and finishes slowly.


The benefits of kirtan are many:

helps to concentrate the mind, which increases stillness
releases mental and emotional tensions
soothing , healing, uplifting effect
the vibrations have a positive effect on the nervous system
creates a more subtle awareness
brings about a state of tranquillity and relaxation
strengthens the lungs through the control and regulation of the breath
purifies the chakras and the higher areas of the brain
repetition switches off the intellect and gives our mind a rest
clears the mind of dullness, disharmony and despair


The primary language used will be Sanskrit, the mother of all Indo-European languages and believed to be the oldest on earth. Sanskrit is based on the vibrations produced by the various combinations of sounds.


“Kirtan is not just an emotional outburst. Rather kirtan becomes the means by which we dive deep into our emotions and experience our inner expansiveness.” Swami Niranjan


“ Music melts the heart of even the stonehearted man. If there is anything in this world which can change the heart of man in a very quick time, that is music and dance.” Swami Sivananda