Ready For Yoga Term 2?

We’ve taken the time over our term break to talk with others who are currently providing yoga and trial a different format of classes that we hope caters to your needs in home isolation. Now we’re ready to offer you 3 Levels of classes for Term 2. Whilst many are doing online live classes we’ve decided to stay with our usual focus on the student, listening to instructions rather than watching the teacher. This will enable you to have the familiar internalised experience rather than be distracted by the visuals and disruptions of technology.

The format will be an audio download by Drop Box. Once you’ve enrolled in your chosen class, from Monday 27th April each week on Monday for 8 weeks the link will be emailed to you for the class. Additional notes and handouts will also be sent for each Class Level. If you’re unsure what level class to choose please get in touch with any of us and have a chat. This format will give you the possibility of doing yoga at a time convenient for you and as many times a week as you like and you’ll still have the classes to do after the term finishes.

We acknowledge that everyone’s circumstances are different at this time. Some of you are still working and are busier than ever and others have more time but less finances. We hope that this new format of classes will enable you to do the class when it suits you best and in a way that is affordable for you.

This term there will be different options for payment.
Full price: $100 or Concession: $60 or
Pay what you can: we've introduced this option for this term in recognition that some people may be experiencing financial hardship at this time. Please choose your own term fee based on your circumstances, or if you need, have this term as a gift from us.

Each of us are preparing one level of classes:
Level 1 - Orietta Worthington
Level 2 - Jen Wood
Level 3 - Sue Brittain
Click here to enrol
Once you’ve enrolled your teacher will be sending you the classes and any handouts each week. If you have any comments or questions about your class you’ll be welcome to email to your teacher. Given this different format you can still enrol after 27th April.

We look forward to sharing yoga classes with you this term

Sue, Jen and Orietta