Mindfulness Meditation Course Starting Soon

Been hearing about mindfulness and wondering what its all about? Come and join us for the next Mindfulness Meditation Course starting 22nd July on Wednesdays 6.30-8pm. Given all the restrictions still in place and that its winter and we don't like going out in the cold at night, I'll be running this course Online by Zoom. Special price just for this term $100 or $60 concession.

The 7 week Course is structured to gently lead you into the heart and essence of meditation. It's based on the Gawler Foundation Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation Course (MBSM).  We'll explore the benefits of meditation for healing and wellbeing, the causes of excessive thinking, the stress response and the relaxation response and their impact on health and healing, as well as the 4 foundations of Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation – preparation, relaxation, mindfulness and stillness including their applications in daily life.

Recordings of the weekly Meditation practices will be provided with handouts to participants. The Course is well suited for both beginners and experienced meditators wishing to deepen their meditation.

The Course is structured to progressively build on practices and theory from week to week so participation in all classes is highly recommended. For those of you who are familiar with the format of my yoga classes you will find this format quite different as it will be a more interactive process including theory, practices, discussion and feedback of your experiences of the practices. We do the class sitting on seats so you don't have to worry about sitting on the floor.

If you’re thinking that your mind is too busy to learn mindfulness, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Rest assured the Course will teach you how to deal with the busy mind. If you’re concerned your life is too busy, this Course is only 1 ½ hours a week and the home practices are very practical and short. Not familiar with Zoom? Neither was I until a couple of months ago and I assure you its free and very user friendly.

Only a few places left so click here to book yourself in now

Have a read about what other participants of Sue’s Mindfulness Course have said about their experience.

My blood pressure has been steadily rising for months but it has magically returned to normal. The only difference in my life style has been mindfulness meditation!

I really enjoyed the theory and background on how to be mindfully meditate and the guided meditations at home have been great recordings to come back to and use in a regular way. It's really interesting to see how the mind works and it's connection with the body and recognize patterns that we get into that don't really serve us in the long run.

Gave me a more holistic approach on how to deal with life in general the highs and lows and having the awareness of what we can manage and what we can't and how to deal with feelings, emotions and stress in a more considered way. I’ve still got health issues and probably will for life but I think I'm in a better place to be able to manage them.

I think the course was well paced and designed with something new and interesting to discuss each a week. I always felt I learnt something new each a week and was interested to hear other people's experiences.

Appreciated the practicality of the course - being able to apply mindfulness into each day without it becoming another thing to do on top of everything else. The recorded meditations were great, easy to learn and integrate, fantastic variety in their length and topics/aspects they each focused on. Thank you for giving us such a range of ways to explore and experience mindfulness stillness.

The practices explored certainly provide different ways to reconnect with calmness and stillness. It was great to get to practice in the group and use the recordings at home.