Latest Updates From The Team

In case you've missed our faces here we are at our last Yoga for Everybody team meeting. 

A very big thank you to the 72 of you who've already taken up the challenge to try out our yoga classes in a different format this term. Some are loving having a private class at home whenever suits them, whilst others have found it challenging to make the time but when they did, they’ve really appreciated the classes. (Have a look at some of the feedback at the bottom of this post.)

I've loved having Jen and Orietta come to my home and do a private class for me a few times a week. It's been great to have them ready to start as soon as I get up in the morning and I don't have to get in my car to get to class or go out at night when it’s cold. I think I could get used to this and want it to continue even when this time has passed. A few others have said the same.

For those of you've not yet joined us this term, perhaps you're thinking I'll just wait to do yoga when live classes start back next term. Given the 2metre square physical requirements for the foreseeable future its looking like we won’t be able to resume live classes in term 3.

It's not too late to get started right now and you can fit in a term of classes before we start next term from 20th July. All you need to do is book yourself in here and choose your class and payment options. We’ll then start emailing the class and handouts for each week to you.

If you’d prefer a more visual format, now that I've upgraded my home technology, we're offering a Zoom Sunday afternoon Yoga class in our next term break on Sunday 21st June 2-4pm. To book in just click here. Cost will be $15 of $10 concession or pay as you can.

I’m also going to offer the 7week Mindfulness Meditation Course Online on Zoom next term on Wednesdays 6.30-8pm from 22nd July. Please get in touch if you’d like more information or to book in.

Not sure if an Audio class would work for you - here's some feedback from our Audio Classes so far:

"I’ve just done the class tonight and its absolutely superb. Thank you so much what a gift. I don’t know if anyone else has said this but I would love it if you kept offering this after this Covid period is over for those of us who would like to continue but can’t get to Wollongong! Not that I want to increase your workload but it’s a real gift and so very much appreciated."
"I like the remote yoga model and feel very safe using it. I LOVE YOGA THIS WAY!!!! Couldn’t be happier. I’m hoping it’ll stay this way forever. Please please don’t stop. I love that I can do yoga at a good time for me, and I feel really safe. Lockdown has its upside."

"I've been sticking to my usual yoga Wednesday evening time slot as much as I can, but enjoying the flexibility that if I'm unable to do it on a Wednesday that I do it the next day or over the weekend."

"I have been enjoying the yoga classes. I feel so much better after!"

"It’s been good hearing your voice, almost like being in class."
"I find I’m enjoying not having to go out and am doing more as a result - which is definitely starting to result in bodily improvements which is motivating."

"We are enjoying the classes very much. I imagine it might be a bit weird teaching into a vacuum . . . Hopefully everyone is telling you how good they are."

"Classes so far are excellent and love all the quotes."

"I am enjoying doing the yoga session all at once, I normally break up my home practice into segments throughout the day. I find that the Dropbox session goes very quickly, I am doing it when I am fresh in the day, to make sure I am not nodding off during the session. I really like the Meditation."

"Distractions of cats and neighbours aside, Yoga at home works well for me. I do need to try to schedule it in, but I enjoy it when I do it."

"Each class feels like a personalised class experience which can do over and over again throughout the week. Very much enjoying this experience of personal practice at home."

"Your voice is so soothing and relaxing."

"I LOVE the song at the end of the class from last week and this week, it’s such a beautiful song, it always goes to my heart."

"Thank you for lovely week 6 class. Have just completed it and very much enjoyed it."

"I really like how you teach Surya Namaskara, the steps and stages throughout each class and then putting it all together."

"I’m enjoying the classes a lot. I hope you keep doing them because I think this is the best ever way of doing yoga."

"Enjoying your classes heaps, beautiful teacher that you are!"

"Loving having the harmonium and finishing with Loka!"

"There’s always a lovely groundedness in the pace of your classes, the instruction “taking a moment to observe the pause.....” just gives the practices instant depth. Love it."

"Thank you. Great progression through the classes and great guidance/ support material. Love it."

I much prefer going to class but the quality of your sessions is great.