Healing Fundraiser

Next Saturday 7th March we're having a workshop at Russell Vale Community Hall, Keerong Ave Russell Vale. So while we're together we've decided to have a Healing Fundraiser for the animals of the south coast effected by the fires. 

We'd like to extend an invitation for others to join us for a beautiful flower offering during which we will chant together 108 rounds of the Mahamrityanjaya (healing) mantra. You don't need to know this mantra, we'll have the words for you but you can also simply listen and send out the healing to all those impacted by the recent fires.

Payment is by donation and all proceeds will be donated directly to Wildlife Rescue South Coast. A group of local volunteers who are committed to feeding and caring for the animals for at least the next year.

Let’s come together again as a community to share in a practice with the heartfelt intention to spread peace and well being.

All welcome, the more the merrier!
Please arrive at 3.45pm for a 4pm start and finish by 5pm.