Easter Greetings and Gifts

Hi everyone
As we're not able to give you each an Easter egg in person here's some virtual ones ( these are non fattening!). We'd also like to share some Easter gifts with you that we've created that may be helpful during this challenging time.

Thinking of you all and hoping that you’re safe and well right now. This time is certainly putting to the test all our yoga skills to help us to stay centred in the moment and not get caught up in too much fear and anxiety about what may happen in the future.

Many of you will have a lot more time available now for yoga, whilst others if you’re still working may be busier than ever. Whichever situation you find yourself  in we’re all having to adapt to new ways of being at home, being with others at home or working. Perhaps you'll have to find a different time to do your yoga practice  or a different space in your home.

There's already so many changes we're having to adapt to at the moment so we've found it helpful to come back to a simple and familiar routine of practices of Yoga, Meditation and Yoga Nidra  that we know ground and centre ourselves. 

Here's our Easter Yoga Gifts to you.

A one page Daily Yoga Capsule suitable for everybody click here.

"Now more than ever we need to connect with those practices that bring us some peace and calm and keep us centred. As Yoga Nidra is a favourite for many of us I've made a recording of the practice in a format that is suitable for everybody. You’re welcome to share this with friends and family too." Sue   Click here for the Yoga Nidra for everybody

“May this practice of abdominal breathing support you in re-connecting with calming and grounding experiences. May it bring a few moments of inner peace amongst the constant changes and pressures around you. May it clear a path towards a natural rhythm of breath, enhancing your physical and mental well-being”. Orietta

Click here to listen to the Abdominal Breath Practice

"I find mantra to be a powerful yogic practice, which can help create groundedness and shift the energy in the body. This is a short, 10 minute session which can be incorporated any time in the day, but I find it particularly beneficial in the morning. The intention behind these three mantras is particularly helpful at this time:
1. Mahamrityunjaya mantra - healing for self, healing for others, healing for the earth
2. Gayatri mantra - clarity, wisdom, intuition
3. Durga path - strength, tools to overcome fear.
May you all be well and at peace."  Jen

Click here to listen to the Morning Mantras

Click here if you need the words for the mantras

We're hoping to put together some yoga classes for you for next term but won't make any promises until we've given it a try and see if it works OK

Best wishes to you all for a safe and happy Easter at home
Sue, Jen and Orietta