Yoga Workshops

Yoga workshops are organised each term on weekends in the northern Illawarra on a range of different yoga related topics.

Workshops for 2019

Yoga for People Who Have a Life Saturday 15th June 9.30am - 3.30pm at Woonona Surf Club

Presented by inspiring teacher David Burgess (formerly Swami Kriyatma).

Deepen your understanding of what yoga is and how we can authentically and (importantly) efficiently incorporate the yogic
techniques and philosophies into our busy lifestyle today.
This time round David will delve considerably deeper into how we can adapt and condense our Yoga practice to a point where it is sustainable
in our high velocity worlds without being diluted to a point where the practice is no longer effective or meaningful. Thus, the theme for this
workshop: “Yoga for people who have a life”
Early bird price (if paid in full by 31st May): $100. Full price: $125
Please bring a vegetarian plate to share for lunch, a yoga mat, cushion
to sit on and a blanket for your comfort.
For bookings or more information, please email Sue Brittain:

Recent Workshops Have Included:

Magical Yoga Music Day with Sangita Saturday 2nd March at Bulli Community Centre   

Cultivating Compassion Saturday 3rd November with Premkranti at Russell Vale Community Hall

Consciously Create Your Vision for 2018  Saturday 17th March 9.30am to 3.30pm with local yoga teachers Sue Brittain and Jen Wood at Russell Vale Community Hall

The Power of Awareness Meditation Weekend with Swami Anandakumar May 2017

Balance Your Life  Saturday 5th August 9am to 4pm at Russell Vale with Swami Muktibodh

Natural Therapies and Yoga for Women in their Middle Years with Kellie Ellington and Sue Brittain

Magical Music Morning with Sangita

Revealing the Virtues in the Chakras Weekend Retreat

Indian Cooking Workshop with Pramila

Yoga and Meditation Weekend with Swami Anandkumar

A Yogic Lifestyle With Chakra Awareness - Presented by Swami Muktiboda

Creating Calmness, Serenity and Focus Through Yoga Meditation with Sue Brittain

Kirtan and Sacred Voice Workshop with Chakradhyan

Opening the Heart Through Mantra and Meditation with Swami Sukmitra and Swami Chintanshuddhi.

Soul Collage Workshop utilising yogic concepts of the elements with Swami Jyotimitra




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