With restrictions on face to face classes we're offering a few small live classes of only 8 students for Levels 1 and 2  for Term 4.  Numbers will be limited for these classes due to the 4 square metre space required per student. All consideration will be given to ensuring the safety of students coming to live classes.  Level 3 will only be available in Audio format for Term 4.


Classes for all 3  levels are also available in Audio format. Once enrolled the Audio link will be emailed to you each week for your class. You can then do the class at a time that's convenient for you and as many times a week as you like.


Classes for 2020

Term 4   Monday 12th October to Wednesday 2nd December

All 3 levels available in Audio format for this term. The first class will be emailed from Monday 12th October.

If coming to a live class, for your safety you will need to provide your own mat, cushion/stool or blanket. More specific details to ensure your safety see below about  Venue and will also be emailed to each enrolled student. (If either teacher is unwell class will be cancelled and students can receive the Audio class to do safely at home)

Term Timetable

Level 1

  • This Level class will be taught by Orietta Worthington Term 4 2020
  • Mondays Live at Bulli  5.30 - 6.45pm  FULL TERM 4  (let Sue know if you'd like to be on a waiting list)
  • Tuesdays Live at Bulli  10 - 11.15am  FULL TERM 4  (let Sue know if you'd like to be on a waiting list)
  • Wednesdays Live at Bulli  10 - 11.15am  FULL TERM 4 2020 (let Sue know if you'd like to be on a waiting list)
  • Audio Level 1 with Orietta Worthington - class will be emailed each week with handouts

Level 2

  • Mondays Live at Bulli  7 - 8.30pm  with Orietta Worthington   FULL TERM 4 2020  (let Sue know if you'd like to be on a waiting list)
  • Tuesdays Live at Bulli  11.30am -1pm  with Sue Brittain   FULL TERM 4 2020 (let Sue know if you'd like to be on a waiting list)
  • Wednesdays Live at Bulli 5.30 - 7pm with Sue Brittain   1 place left
  • NEW EXTRA Class Thursdays Live at Bulli 5.30 - 7pm with Orietta Worthington - 1 place left
  • Audio Level 2 with Sue Brittain - class being emailed each week with handouts

Level 3

  • This Level class will be taught by Sue Brittain Term 4 2020 and will only be available in Audio format. 

If you'd like to get in touch with Orietta at or 0425234398.

Mindfulness Meditation Course 

Wednesday 9.30 - 11am Live class  - 1 place left This 7 week Course inlcudes all classes, handouts and meditation recordings.

Mindfulness Meditation Follow Up - Staying Mindful

For those who've already completed the course. Third Monday of each month (21/9, 19/10, 16/11) 6.30-7.30pm on Zoom.

For all classes please enrol and make payments through this website.

If you'd like to get in touch with Orietta at or 0425234398.

Types of Classes Offered

  • Level 1 Basic yoga postures, breathing and relaxation. Suitable for beginners or those who require gentle physical activity.
  • Level 2  Expands on the practices taught in the Level 1 course & introduces meditation. For those who are comfortable with the practices taught in the Level 1 course.
  • Level 3  For those comfortable with the practices in the Level 2 Course and who are interested in doing a longer meditation practice. 
  • Mindfulness Meditation Course based on the Gawler Foundation Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation (MBSM)  
  • Mindfulness Meditation Follow Up for those who've already completed the Mindfulness Course with Sue

Course Fees

  • All Live Classes: 8 week Term   $150 (concession $110) As places are limited payment is required to book your place
  • All Audio Classes: 8 week Term:  One Course $100 (concession $60)    Second Course in same term $60
  • Mindfulness Meditation Course: 7 week Term Course on Zoom  $150 (concession $110)    
  • Mindfulness Meditation Follow Up Course: 3 classes for $40 or $15 per class (or pay as you can afford if needed)


Bookings are essential for all classes. For Term 4 2020 places are strictly limited for the live classes so make sure to book in as soon as possible for these classes.

To enrol fill out the enrolment form and then choose your payment option for classes.

Payments can be made by:

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Account Name: Yoga for Everybody BSB: 062528 Account Number: 10223071 Put your name beside the payment
  • BY PAYPAL in the shop on this website - just select the Yoga Fees Icon
  • Cheque or money order made out to Yoga for Everybody.
  • Cash can also be paid by arrangement with Sue, phone 0242834126 to organise this.


For Term 4 classes will be available in Audio format that you can do safely in your own home. Some Level 1 & 2 yoga classes and the Mindfulness Meditation Course will be held at Bulli Community Centre. The Mindfulness Meditation Follow Up will be offered online by Zoom.

All live classes are held upstairs at Bulli Community Centre (formerly Bulli Library), 328 Princes Hwy Bulli. This is a unique heritage listed building. The yoga room upstairs looks out onto the escarpment and in winter the warm sun streams in and in summer a cool breeze circulates throughout. 

Parking is available behind Bulli Community Centre. Access via Dumbrell Ave, turn left into small lane about 200m from the Princes Hwy.

Coming by public transport buses run along the Princes Hwy and stop just near the Community Centre. Bulli train station is only 10 minutes walk.

Bulli Community Centre and the Yoga Room Prepared for Your Safety

The Community Centre has had a risk assessment by Wollongong City Council and has posted signage throughout the Centre for the safety of users. The Centre is taking the safety of all the users of the space seriously and is having the Centre regularly cleaned according to Health guidelines for Covid control

We’ll be taking the following steps to ensure your safe return to live yoga classes

  • Hand sanitiser provided for use before and after class
  • Signs in bathrooms regarding had washing etiquette
  • Bathrooms stocked with plenty of liquid soap and paper hand towels
  • All regularly used surfaces eg door handles will be cleaned after each class
  • Classes will be limited to comply with the 4 square metre space requirement per student
  • Removing any yoga props
  • All students to bring their own mats, blanket, cushion, stool etc
  • An email will be sent prior to classes resuming reminding students to remain home if unwell
  • A notice will be posted on the door of the Yoga room requesting students not to enter if unwell
  • Entry only by back door of the Centre
  • Exit only by front door of the Centre
  • No gathering in the lounge or on stairwells. Wait outside or in car till 5 mins before class or previous class exits
  • All students will be reminded of cough and sneeze etiquette

Information & Advice about Yoga Classes

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing.
  • Arrive at least 5 mins prior to all classes.
  • Given current restrictions you will need to bring your own mat, cushion and anything else you need for class.
  • Bring a light covering or rug to put over yourself for the relaxation. You might also like to bring your own eye pillow.
  • It is advisable not to eat for at least 2 hours before class.
  • Any missed classes can be made up with the Audio class for the week you miss. Contact Sue to arange this.
  • To gain maximum benefit from the course students are advised to try to attend all sessions and practise at home between classes. Discounts are available for attending more than one class per week.
  • Private tuition or classes for individuals or small groups are available on request.

More Detailed Information about the Mindfulness Meditation Courses with Sue
Based on the Gawler Foundation
Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation Course (MBSM)

The 7 week Course is structured to gently lead you into the heart and essence of meditation. Each week there will be a series of detailed teachings on how to meditate, accompanied by a sequence of meditation practice sessions. Recordings of the weekly Meditation practices will be provided with handouts to participants. This mindfulness course is well suited for both beginners and experienced meditators wishing to deepen their meditation.

Participants can expect to:
• Learn a range of effective tools for dealing with stress and anxiety
• Understand the nature of the thinking mind – its strengths and limitations promoting health and well being
• Understand how ‘excessive thinking’ leads to stress and how stress affects your health and wellbeing
• Learn to relax physically, unwind emotionally and calm a busy mind
• Acquire skills for dealing with anger and frustration, becoming less emotionally reactive and therefore more tolerant
• Develop self-esteem and compassion as you connect with your true, spiritual nature.
• Develop awareness and access your own inner wisdom
Mindfulness has a range of diverse applications including management of depression, anxiety, chronic pain and eating disorders, as well as having direct and beneficial physiological effects relevant to the management of heart disease, cancer and other chronic conditions.

Why Come to the  Mindfulness Meditation Course?
• To develop mindfulness practices to help you live a happier and more enriching life
• To learn how to nourish and nurture yourself and take those tools home to use daily
The Course is structured to progressively build on practices and theory from week to week so participation in all classes is highly recommended. For those of you who are familiar with the format of my yoga classes you will find this format quite different as it will be a more interactive process including theory, practices, discussion and feedback of your experiences of the practices. We do the class sitting on seats so you don't have to worry about sitting on the floor.